October 2022

2023 Food and Beverage Predictions

With stressors like health, geopolitical concerns, and inflation on the rise, 2022 didn’t bring the reprieve we’d hoped to see. Trend Hunter expects more uncertainty in the new year and anticipates that 2023 will be a period of “incremental chaos.”

In our recent blog, the FlavorSum insights team compiled our top predictions for 2023 to inspire innovation. FlavorSum foresees that brands will prioritize uplifting their customers through food and beverage. During continued unpredictability, the FlavorSum team predicts that brands will explore choices that help people find their footing, support mental health, and reach lifestyle and sustainability goals.

Discover FlavorSum’s food and beverage predictions to explore overarching food and beverage themes, including:


Using Food to Nourish Mind and Body


Intersection Of Food and Technology


Global Consciousness


New Formats

2023 Flavor and Taste Predictions

Flavor plays a critical role in the eating experience. Part one of FlavorSum’s prediction series highlights how brands can support people as they respond to uncertainty in the new year. Part two of our prediction series addresses how flavor can positively impact the consumer experience and help alleviate some stress and anxiety.

FlavorSum’s predictions for the new year highlight flavors that brands can use to create pleasant and memorable experiences through taste.

Discover FlavorSum’s 2023 flavor predictions to explore what’s up and coming in flavor trends, including:


Feel Good Food


Elevated Taste Experiences


Down to Earth Flavors


Experience-Inspired Tastes


Experiencing Travel Through Taste

Did you know that 55% of shoppers order global goods from grocery prepared foods sections at least once a month (Technomic)? What’s driving the exploration? Taste provides a way for people to experience the novelty and enjoyment of travel from the comforts of home. And with social media being so pervasive, the way people experience different cultures is everchanging and quickly picking up pace. In our latest blog post, our team discovers the different ways that travel can be experienced through taste.


FlavorScience: Functional Beverage

Join FlavorSum’s Direction of Innovation and Solutions Derek Holthaus for episode three of FlavorScience! In this the latest video installment, Derek interviews FlavorSum Flavor Development Manager, Pete Sauer and Applications Scientist, Blake Lyon. Discover the nuances and complexities of refreshing functional beverages. You’ll learn about developing a solid base formulation, approaching flavor selection, achieving label claim goals, and much more!

Supply Chain Corner

Responding to Consumer Needs in the Era of Supply Chain Uncertainty

While many brands have found new workarounds and processes to alleviate supply chain woes, stability remains tentative. And increased food and beverage prices are clear evidence showing the impact of events over the past few years. In the past 12 months, 62% of consumers have reported a noticeable rise in the cost of their food and beverages (Food Navigator). But brands can still connect with people and find ways to provide value.

Innova Market Insights ranks “value” as its number one trend for the new year, replacing the highly prioritized sustainability. Lu Ann Williams, Innova Global Insights Director shares, “we have seen considerable consumer demand for value redefined throughout the supply chain, with creative and flexible approaches to the use of technology and reducing waste proving pivotal.”

Regulatory Corner

FDA Hosts Webinar Reviewing the Proposed “Healthy” Labeling Rule

The FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Communications released a webinar on October 21, with an update on proposed labeling parameters for the “healthy” nutrition content claim.  The proposed rule issued on September 29, 2022 wants to “empower consumers to make and have access to healthy choices.”  The “healthy” claim, developed in 1994, is not new. But evolving nutrition science requires review of the current criteria. The proposed updates include a revised definition for “healthy” and creation of a symbol to help people easily identify nutrient-dense options.


Focused Food Groups for “Healthy” Claim: Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Dairy, Protein Foods, and Oils (FDA)


Nutrients to Limit: Saturated Fat, Sodium, and Added Sugar (FDA)

Standout Statistics:


75% of people have dietary patterns low in vegetables, fruits, and dairy. (FDA)


63% of people exceed the limit for added sugars, while 77% exceed the limit for saturated fat. (FDA)

To learn more about this proposed rule and what it could mean for your labels, you can register to watch the webinar here.

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Celebrating our Growing Team

Helping you reach your food and beverage development goals is a priority at FlavorSum, where our team commits to doing what’s right for your brand every day. We’re expanding our bench strength and welcoming the following team members to FlavorSum:

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